Nintendo Starts Selling Official Stylus for the Switch, Currently Available Only in the UK


Nintendo Switch has had a pen-like accessory which was earlier available via bundled offers only. But now, Nintendo is selling an official stylus for the Switch. The stylus will go on sale early next month but availability is currently limited to the UK with no official word on whether it will arrive in other markets. Nintendo’s official stylus for the Switch is compatible with Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker 2.

According to the official listing on Nintendo’s website, first spotted by Eurogamer, the stylus doesn’t work when the Switch is docked. The stylus itself is pretty minimalistic with Nintendo branding on it and costs GBP 6.99 (roughly Rs. 650) in the UK. Previous official Switch accessories have been quite expensive.

Nintendo’s official UK store describes the official stylus as, “A stylus designed for use with the Nintendo Switch console’s captive touch screen.”

Most Nintendo Switch games work perfectly well without the need for a stylus. But for some, like Mario Marker, users would prefer a tool that makes things easier. Until now, users had to search for unofficial products from third-party suppliers when they needed a stylus for the Switch. Nintendo just made things easier for them.

Last year in October, Nintendo announced that it had sold 1.95 million Switch Lite units since launch and nearly 5 million units of Switch in the six months to September, during its second-quarter earnings report. Nintendo had launched the Switch Lite last year in an attempt to drive sales, trying to target casual gamers.

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