Xbox Series X Alleged Live Images Leaked, Reveal the Ports on Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console


Xbox Series X consoles are still a long way from hitting the shelves, but speculations are rife regarding its teraflops count, the internal hardware, and of course, the port selection. More so, ever since AMD showed off the console’s renders at an event, which later turned out to be fake. Now, alleged live images of the upcoming Xbox Series X console have surfaced online, and they claim to give us our first look at the ports that will be available on Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console. But before we delve into the details, do keep in mind that the unit shown in the photos might turn out to be developer-only test hardware and that the final design might vary.

With that being said, let’s talk about the ports now. The leaked Xbox Series X console images come courtesy of Twitter (@Doug_DragoX), and as per a Thurrot report, it is the real deal. We see the familiar boxy case with a USB Type-A port and the power button on the front. At the back, one can see clearly see the ports which include two USB Type-A ports, an HDMI port, an optical audio port, Ethernet, and the power-in slot. They are surrounded by holes on both sides that will serve as heat vents. Interestingly, there is a separate rectangular port, which appears to be proprietary in nature, and will reportedly be used for running diagnostics.

The aforesaid diagnostic port is said to be there for testers and developers only, and might not make it to the final hardware. It is worth noting that the Xbox Series X console, which might be launched simply as the new Xbox, shown in the photos has an identifiable barcode and serial number on it, which means the person who was handed over this particular kit is going to be in trouble. As mentioned above, the unit depicted in the leaked photos may turn out to be the dev kit and might differ from the actual product that is set to debut in the holiday season later this year.

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