If there’s something strange in Symantec’s neighbourhood, who you gonna call, not Broadcom it seems

And now back on their feet

Symantec customers, or rather Broadcom these days, were taken offline for a while on Wednesday when the security services datacenters around the planet went down.

The Web Security Service platform, acquired when Broadcom hoovered much of Symantec’s operations last year, sells web-based site and file scanning for businesses. It is also integrated with some network appliances to provide patches and updates.

Broadcom reports on its status page that WSS datacenters across all regions went down for about two hours between 1542 UTC and 1742 today.

“We are aware of multiple data centers located around the world currently having connectivity issues,” Symantec said at the time. “Customers may experience connectivity issues during this incident.”

Why is this such a problem? Allow Broadcom’s own marketing diagram to explain.

Symantec WSS diagram

Put a big red X over that middle part, and you have Wednesday’s problem

So, yeah, no WSS datacenter, no internet connectivity for the companies that use it.

One admin at a WSS customer, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed to El Reg that the outage did, indeed, prevent their workers from getting online.

“Presumably this will keep things even more secure than normal,” our tipster mused.

Fortunately, the downtime was resolved after only a couple of hours, and by 1742 the all-clear was given.

“We have confirmed that all data centers have been restored and customers should no longer be impacted,” Broadcom told punters. “We will continue to monitor the data centers to ensure the service is fully restored.”

Once all of the datacenters were back online, Broadcom reported that it was investigating the matter, though it did not say when it might have an explanation for the exact cause of the global fallover.

The Register pinged Broadcom for details on just what went wrong, and will update should we hear back.

It seems that Symantec-related headaches have, unfortunately, become rather routine for Broadcom post-merger. For weeks now the two companies have been struggling to resolve problems with disappearing licenses as a result of problems with the staff turnover of the combined company. ®

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