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Webcast There’s still time to sign up for tomorrow’s webcast, and find out how to make developer teams safe, aware, and front-line members of your cloud security operation.

With more development moving off-premises and into cloud software environments – with the COVID-19 coronavirus now offering that extra push towards remote working – there’s never been a better time to skill up on security for those who need it.

On Wednesday, May 6, the webcast will focus on this topic. The Reg‘s Tim Phillips will be joined by Guy Podjarny of secure development experts Snyk to dig down into how and why traditional security methods don’t tend to wash with modern cloud-based developer environments, and how dev-first approaches can prove a surprisingly painless alternative.

From describing how to equip and educate your programmers to manage and reduce risk, yet remain on the ball with their day-to-day work, to the behavioural and process shift required of your average working human to maintain a more security-savvy way of working, it’ll be a valuable conversation for anyone who’s worried their coders may fall behind the curve as an organisation leaps into the cloud.

Working with a bottom-up approach to taking responsibility for security as developers go about their daily lives, the webcast – brought to you by Snyk – will focus on how to change the hearts and minds of your dev team as well as augment them with the skills and resources they need, making them useful early-warning systems for trouble on the horizon.

The general idea is to reskill your software engineers to take an active role in good security health, while not making a mark on general productivity in their core roles. On top of that, your existing security operations will be less overwhelmed by moving to a cloud-based network that, in many cases, may throw the doors open to the wild west of the modern threat landscape, and face it with just old-fashioned tools and methodology.

Tune in tomorrow to learn how everyone in your organisation can start doing their bit for security – starting with your developers. Sign up for the webcast right here.

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