Backup and restore on AWS is a nightmare – is there a way to speed it up?

Apparently. But we’re so incredulous, we’re gonna test those claims on live internet TV…

Webcast “The journey to cloud” echoes through all organisations. It’s a Bildungsroman – a story of empowerment and betterment. A shiny, towering cityscape of gleaming edifices and elegant spires. It’s like an ascension into the actual clouds. Like dying and waking up in heaven.

Then you get there. It’s pretty good. It’s convenient and definitely something you can put your trust in. Portable, scalable, accessible from anywhere.

Then you try and restore a deleted or backed up file and… what’s this? It takes how long?

Spending several hours to get a document back, or to recover a particular AWS EC2 instance, is no joke. As goes the standard grief process, you move beyond denial and anger, and come to acceptance. Well, you got your convenience with your cloud platform – you just need to find the little workarounds to make sure you’re never sitting waiting for data recovery. So you tell people to just… not delete anything.

And then the terabytes of storage rack up. And so does the cost.

This is the part where we tend to ask, what can be done? Well, backup and DR experts N2WS claim they can restore data quickly. So quickly, in fact, that The Reg’s Tim Phillips doesn’t quite believe them.

In response, not only have N2WS promised to prove it by a full demo in a live webast, they’re even bringing a happy customer to explain a specific use case.

So on May 28, 2020, at 8am PDT (11pm EDT, 4pm BST) you are invited to watch Phillips either smile smugly, or eat his words. N2WS’s “personable IT magician” Sebastian Straub will be joined by corporate travel company Gett’s Head of IT Danny Michael to restore data in AWS at speed.

Once the dust’s cleared from the demo, the panel will drill generally into the fineries of data lifecycle management in AWS, as well as highlighting the high performance, lower storage costs, and high availability of what N2WS is offering.

Danny Michael will round off the package by explaining how Gett saved $100,000 by embracing N2WS’s tech.

So it’s gloves off, basically. If you’ve reached the end of your tether with backup and recovery in the cloud, or just like seeing bold claims qualified in a live demo, we’ll see you on May 28. Sign up for the webcast – brought to you by N2WS – right here.

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