Zero-trust security and hyper-converged infrastructure could be the winning combo to defend your business

Webcast In terms of cyber-security, things are getting real out there. Ransomware continues to infect organizations, and mitigating this particularly savage form of extortion is now a top priority.

One interesting approach is to take zero-trust practices – the model by which access is severely restricted to only those who need it, and only as and when they need it – and meld them with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

With a software-defined approach to security infrastructure, your level of control is tightly honed, with identity and access management, compliance checks, auditing and reporting, data-at-rest encryption, and network microsegmentation all built on top of a hardened software platform, cutting complexity down while outpacing the rising sophistication of ransomware.

That’s what we’ll investigate in this upcoming webcast in which The Reg’s Tim Phillips will be joined by security veteran Mike Wronski of hyper-converged infrastructure experts Nutanix. They’ll delve into how HCI can straighten your security posture, nail down threats, and stop you becoming yet another unfortunate news story when ransomware does the rounds.

At 9am PDT (12pm EDT) on August 27, 2020, Mike and Tim will discuss how zero trust and HCI can bolster each other to achieve strong results in security.

They’ll look at how and why enterprises are starting to embrace zero-trust security strategies in practice, while offering tips on the best ways for implementation, and weaving zero-trust approaches into your company environment – practically and culturally. And tying it all together, Mike and Tim will look at how HCI infrastructure like Nutanix’s platform can be used as a powerful security asset, aiding prevention, detection, and recovery from ransomware.

Sign up for the webcast, brought to you by Nutanix, right here.

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